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Flowering kale Flowering Cabbage Seeds

Flowering kale Flowering Cabbage Seeds

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Flowering kale Flowering Cabbage Seeds Daikon Radish
Nagoya Mix’ Ornamental Kale Seed is a fortuitous mixture of Nagoya Red, Rose and White flowering kale, the combination planting of which will be incredibly striking, to say the very least. Along with the rich rosy-red, vividly pink and noticeably large French vanilla colored rosettes, you have varied exterior foliage colors that combine to craft a kaleidoscope of color in beds or containers!
Kamome is a hybrid fringed-leaf Brassica (Flowering Kale). Perfect for fall and winter gardens, it adds color, texture and interest to both landscapes and containers. An ideal season extender as it tolerates frosts and light freezes, and a bonus is cool night temperatures bring out its color.
Plants are 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 centimeters) in height, 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 centimeters) in widthOrnamental Kale (Brassica Oleracea) – Ornamental Kale provides beautiful ornamental color from early fall well into winter with frilly green outer leaves and pink, white or purple centers. These cold hardy annuals easily establish from Ornamental Kale seeds, and as the rest of the flowers in the garden are dying down, Brassica Kale is just getting started! It takes the cool weather for Ornamental Kale to start showing their true colors. Light and moderate frosts will intensify the beautiful coloring of Ornamental Kale Brassica plants. If the winter is moderate, it can survive all winter, and in the early spring when temperatures warm, Ornamental Kale will bolt giving yet another attractive look for the landscape.Ornamental Brassica seeds should be planted 6 – 10 weeks before the first anticipated frost. If you sow the flower seeds too early, the warm weather will keep the color from forming in the young plants. You can either plant in starter trays and transplant once the plant is large enough, or sow Ornamental Kale seeds directly outside. Plant the flower seeds 1/8 inch deep, 6 inches between seeds, and 18 – 24 inches

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