How to get rid of them?

It is a widespread question that how to get rid of termites. Of course, all of us feel disgusted by this creature. However, if you find termites in your home, it is better to contact a pest control or fumigation company which has the experience to deal with these insects and make your place pest-free. In case, if you are confident in your abilities and aware of all the technicalities, then you can use the following methods to destroy termites. Remember, you would need high skillset for this reason; better to hire a termite control company in Karachi:

1. Spray or treat the termite detection sites with insecticides (poison):

Imidacloprid, Chlorpyrifos, Chlorfenapyr (especially against the termites of the Kalotermitidae and Rhinotermitidae families), Fipronil, Termisolve BPRO.
Important! According to the UN, it is impossible to use the following means to kill termites: Chlordan and Mireks. These substances are not toxic to humans but are carcinogens, i.e. can cause very serious health problems to human health, such as cancer.

2. Lubricate the termite detection sites with the following means:

  • Carbolineum or chloronaphthalene;
  • 4% aqueous solution of arsenic-acid sodium;
  • Coal (creosote) or anthracene oil (500 g / m2);
  • 30% aqueous solution of paraphase phenolic resin (200 g / m2);

Treat the places where termite traces appear with a mixture of boron powder. Termites in contact with it will transfer to other in their lair and will infect their other termites.

3. Gasification (fumigation or smoke):

A method of carbonating wooden elements with carbon disulfide, chloropicrin, or hydrocyanic acid can kill termites and other woodworms.

Most often, commercial and residential building management recommend flameless smoke bombs made from DDT (dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane) or HCCH (hexachlorocyclohexane or benzene hexachloride) with a combustible filler, as well as aerosols from chlorophos and chloropicrin. Keep in mind, the use of these chemicals is not allowed inside the premises of enterprises and warehouses of the food industry.

However, the gasification process needs vacant premises, i.e. there should be no food and human. Although all gaps of window and door openings are coated with glue and wax paper, the holes of ventilation ducts are tightly closed, etc. Besides, the rooms are sealed. Aeration lasts 3-5 days, after this, the premises are thoroughly ventilated, and the flying holes on the surface of wooden structures are covered up.

Important! The aeration method with 100% termite extermination is possible only in special vacuum chambers for neutralizing, for example, furniture or other small and transportable wooden objects.

Furniture protection

The protection of wood from woodworms and termites is a combined (structural and chemical) prevention, which ensures the long-term preservation of wooden structures, such as furniture. A set of chemical measures help to kill the termites already developed in the wood. These measures must be applied before these creatures fly out of the furniture to reproduce their species. Otherwise, the larvae approach the outer layers of the wood and pupate (usually in spring). Although the technical difficulties that arise in this case are not always manageable, it is necessary to carry out antiseptic repair of buildings if necessary.

Important! During the process, it is necessary to consider termite’s biological specificity. They spread too fast and can also affect the nearby buildings. However, one cannot predict the complete extermination of termites in a given building or structure. Therefore, it is better to kill them in nests. Subsequently, there are many methods which can kill the termites in nests. For example, experts pour fuel oil in termite lairs with a mixture of sulfur and arsenic into the nests.

How can you prevent termites to enter your house?

Now, you know how to get rid of termites. Although it is better to take preventive measures, so they don’t enter your house. Prevention also applies to other pests from entering your house.

To prevent the appearance of termites in your home, you need to take the following measures if possible:

  • Build your house necessarily on a high foundation, i.e. so that wooden structures are above ground level.
  • After the construction of the house, you can dig a trench 100 * 100 cm around it, and fill it with sand. Termites tend to move on the ground, and can’t dig their way through the sand. For greater reliability, treat the poured sand with some insecticides or other means against wood insects.
  • The natural environment for termite’s long-life is the moist soil, so if your house is surrounded by it, try to get rid of it.
  • If there is a wooden fence around your house, reconstruct it on a cemented step stones, so that the wood doesn’t come into contact with ground.
  • Please ensure that water doesn’t accumulate around your house. Consult with a specialist how to make a drain.
  • To prevent excessive humidity in the house, try to make a ventilation system.
  • Of course, if you are under a planning phase to construct your house, you should know that the termites don’t attack a certain type of woods. Of course, it is better to use such wood in building a house. Some of the examples of such woods are cedar, mahogany and other species that you can ask builders about these.
  • Lubricate all the wooden furniture inside and outside your house with special agents, especially if the wooden items are exposed to the moisture. This practice also repels mosquitoes along with the termites.
  • If there are any wooden materials near your home, place them at more distance. As they can attract the attention of termites, and then the house is at hand.
  • If you find cracks in the walls or seepages, seal them up. Termites can easily access your home through these cracks.
  • Termites love humidity, so make sure that your home is always in good condition and pipes, roofs, taps, and valves don’t leak. There are also techniques to prevent dampness in the house, which builders can tell you more.
  • Don’t let water remain stagnant around your home for a long time.


Keep in mind, unlike other insects, the termites are very difficult to get rid of. Therefore, it is better to consult and hire a professional termite control company for this service since they have experience and appropriate remedies against termites.

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